Terms and conditions of sale:

These general booking conditions apply to all bookings for individual customers (excluding group bookings). When confirming the reservation, the customer accepts the following conditions. No further claims relating to these conditions may be taken into account.

Confirmation of the reservation:

All bookings and price offers have to be confirmed written. All bookings have to be guaranteed by credit card always.

Payment methode:

The credit card is used as a guarantee for your reservation. No debit will be made online except for prepaid rates. The full amount of the stay must be paid directly at the hotel.

Late charges:

The credit card given as a guarantee also serves as payment for any unpaid consumption on your departure (minibar, late check out, damage...)

Cancellation conditions:

Each cancellation request must be made in written. The Hotel confirms the cancellation in written with a cancellation number. Prepayed bookings cannot be modification and/or cancelled. The sums paid in advance will not be refunded. Reservations can be cancelled free of charge at at 3pm, 2 days before your arrival. After this deadline, 100% of the total amount of the reservation(s) in case of late, no show or modification will be charged to the credit card given as a guarantee or charged to the company depending on the type of guarantee of the reservation.


Rooms are available from 3pm. An arrival from noon can be booked according to availability for an extra charge of 25 €/hour. An early arrival requires a pre-booking at the day before check-in.


Rooms must be released before 11:00 am on the day of departure. A late departure until 3pm can be booked subject to availability for an additional charge of 25.-€ or 50.00€/hour, depending on the type of room. Leavin after 3pm the next night will be charged as a late departure.

Smoking ban:

The Hotel is responsible to provide its guests a non-smoking environment. Failures to comply with this policy and smoking in the room will result that the room has to be blocked for the following night. The customer is responsible and fined 500 € as well as for any significant cleaning costs or fire-fighting operations at the hotel.


The customer is required to comply with the security policy of the Hotel's Internet service provider, including the rules for the use of security measures implemented to prevent the unlawful use of IT resources (or any other name used in the company's IT policy), and to refrain from any action that undermines the effectiveness of these measures.

Room Type:

The photographs presented on the internet are not contractual. Although every effort is made to ensure that the photographs, graphic representations and texts reproduced to illustrate the hotel give as accurate an overview as possible of the accommodation services offered, variations may occur, in particular due to changes in furniture or possible renovations. The customer cannot claim as a result. The hotel cannot be responsible for any operation of a third party, acts of the customer or acts of his partners, such as unavailability of the Internet network, impossibility of access to the website, external intrusion, computer viruses or in the event of prepayment not authorised by the cardholder's bank.